ForAnn GPS Navigation on your mobile phone

What is ForAnn GPS?

It is an application for mobile phones, which are able to run Java ME and connect the GPS navigation module (practically the majority of new phones with Bluetooth technology). Here are the most important features of the application (a detailed description is given, here description):

FAGPS - a GPS data screen
  • convenient access to the information provided by GPS module (time, speed, coordinates, altitude, azimuth, etc.)
  • trip computer which providing information about travel time and distance
FMap - tracks examples
  • saving your current position and routes
FAGPS - locations screen
  • providing information where (direction, distance) are your friends and reference locations
  • remote management of user profile

Sample application:

  • presentation to your friends/family the current position or the route traveled by you on holiday or during the trip
  • saves route of your trips, to be able to track them later or show to your friends
  • search for friends in a terrain
  • easy access to information provided by GPS module

How start using this system?

  • download the application directly from the phone or via computer ( Download)
  • set up a new account from your phone when you run the application or on the Internet ( Login)
  • start using the system - sent tracks can be presented in such applications as FMap lub Google Earth

Start using the ForAnn GPS system for free!! This system was made for you and your friends.