ForAnn GPS Navigation on your mobile phone

Credits for external software used in this project:

Web pages with localization services:

  • - this web application let you manage your tracks and points (check the appropriate option in the user's profile for using it)
  • - KML files visualize application running locally on your computer
  • - a world map made available by Google
  • - a world map made available by Yahoo
  • - a world map made available by Microsoft

Other links:

  • - an interesting program to control the efficiency of our hearing
  • - an application for Nokia S60 to monitor whether the phone is in range of a network
  • - an easy-to-use file manager that can successfully be used instead of Explorer
  • - File Manager operating with FTP, SFTP, SMB, NFS and HTTP protocols, interestingly written entirely in Java, so it works in almost all OS!